In my resolution-minded reverie

Some people might despise the idea of crafting resolutions with each new year but certainly not me. As someone who’s addicted to fresh starts and always (internally) resolving to do and be better, the early days of January are perpetual open season for self-improvement.  After all, everyone’e still high on the holiday fun and the midyear moroseness has yet to turn us all into cynics.

Last year, my big resolution (technically a “goal”) was to get a full-time, permanent job. It might have taken 75 percent of the year (third time always seems to be the charm), but it worked. I’m hopeful that 2012 will have more successes in store as well.  I’m still in the process of working out all my goals/resolutions/benchmarks, but the following are my current sources for resol-inspiration:

  • The Happiness Project – Part memoir and part call-to-action for straightening out your life. For me, books are like waves — I can’t help but get carried away — and right now I’m hanging 10 on this one. More later.
  • Whole Living – I’ve been picking up the odd copy of this magazine, which is like a publication by Martha Stewart’s younger, hippie (fictional) sister, since 2008. I finally signed up for a subscription today.
  • – Excuse me one petty comment: I was using this site, if not before it was cool, then definitely before it caught fire– just sayin’. The cheery photos of flowers, fashion, furniture, etc. are just fun, fun.
  • Calendars – What better way to welcome a new year than some wall art? Here’s hoping B&N’s supply isn’t wiped clean.
  • IKEA and The Container Store – I know they’re showrooms, but their pristine simplicity is like crack for picky perfectionists.
  • Auld Lang Syne… to a banjo – Yes, it’s time for the Christmas songs to go away, but I plan to hum to this ditty through the month.
  • When Harry Met Sally – The quintessential film for New Year’s that can take on (and take out) a helping of celeb-stuffed fluff any day.

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