Books, my saving grace

All of my resolutions to be a calmer, more collected individual have all but gone up in a big cloud of smoke (above my head) in the last 48 hours. Between a frustrating Saturday of laundry, in which I ran out of money and ended up hanging wet laundry all over my apartment and a Sunday night of noisy neighbors and insomnia, I was fit to be tied.

It’s a good thing I only have a broom as a weapon.

Today I’m still stressed, but luckily work wore me out a bit. The one thing that’s keeping me from completely going over the edge are good books. I’m trying to savor (i.e. read at a snail’s pace) the ending of  The Happiness Project while I’m reading The Hunger Games in tandem.  I usually swear against reading more than one book at a time, but in this case, it seems a necessary route: One is my escape, and one is my therapist.

Here’s to tranquil (or in my case tranquilized) bookworms everywhere!

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