Mwah, Meryl

While everyone’s thoughts are surely on music and not movies tonight, I wanted to share a little gem of an interview I came across this past week.  Like the news nerd I am, I enjoy listening to NPR while editing at work — provided the week isn’t as chaotic as a middle school fire drill.  Morning Edition, First Listen (music), and Fresh Air are among my favorites, which leads me to the point of this post.  Terry Gross’s talk with perennial Oscar nominee Meryl Streep was phenomenal. I’d always respected Meryl Streep, both as an actress and a seemingly down-to-earth celebrity. This interview confirmed and deepened both of these perceptions. Not only are her methods for inhabiting characters (particularly those who are based on actual people) fascinating, but her approach to life is borderline Zen. Besides the usual talk of film, the discussion also contains interesting nuggets that I was unaware of, such as her relationship with John Cazale (Fredo from The Godfather), her awakening to feminism and personal identity, and her first experience in method acting — namely, creating the “character” she played in high school.

If any of those tidbits have intrigued you, check out the entire interview here.

Or, simply browse some funny photos of Meryl’s red carpet smooches — apparently she’s quite the kissing bandit.


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