Valentine’s is anything but black-and-white

Valentine’s Day, V-Day, Día del Amor y Amistad, and Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

The list of names for February 14 is probably far shorter than the sentiments and attitudes toward the day that celebrates — or stuffs down our throats? — love, more specifically romantic love.

In college I took a firm stance against Valentine’s, calling it SAD and sporting a “Love is Overrated” T. The older I get, the more ambivalent I am. Some cynics blame the card, candy, and jewelry companies with their onslaught of ads for the day getting any recognition. Others attack its foundation: Why should you wait for a special occasion to express your feelings of love?

On the more optimistic side, romantics love an excuse for a day devoted to love (this lot can also include the fair-weather followers who flip to cynic under less favorable circumstances). Some use V-Day as a personal D-Day — a call to action in jumpstarting their romantic lives. Or performing a post-mortem on said affairs.

Regardless, I’m more certain than ever that some sort of subliminal sugar-craving hormone kicks into high gear on February 14, which would explain my embarrassing noshing this evening. As a chronically single gal, it’s possible that I was eating my feelings. But rather than perform an analysis on my lack of love life, I’ll chalk the binge up to Valentine preparatory failure. Aside from baking cookies, I neglected to follow through with my Martha Stewart-esque celebration and decoration for V-Day.

Next year I’ll bake cookie candygrams, create festive window hearts, and paint my nails with stripes of pink and red.  The Valentine’s date part is still negotiable.


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