Listen, look, and sleep in

It’s Friday, and if you’re lucky like me, it’s the Friday before a three -day weekend. (All of us grammar nerds at work were plagued today by whether it’s President’s Day, Presidents’ Day, or Presidents Day).

To begin on high note, listen to French pop group Yelle’s “Ce Jeu,” which sounds more like a bubblegum export from Japan than the typical synth Eurobeat. The beat is mellow yet as chipper as a whistled tune. I’m also pretty sure I had the puffy-sleeved jack-o-lantern sweater as a child.

Speaking of the editorial team, the hilarious tumblr, Animals Talking in All Caps, is the subject of many statuses, e-mail, links, and G-chat discussions around the office. Today, we were paying less attention to the animals and more to the Hamm-like dog owner who just might be the perfect mix of underground Manhattan and Park Slope yuppy sporting Sperry Topsiders — be still my beating heart.

Now I’m off to bed. It’s odd when you find yourself going to bed earlier on a Friday night than a Monday. What can I say except that, I find no direction in this crazy game?


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