You can’t keep a good bookshop down

Amid the multitude of Barnes & Noble stores, onslaught of Amazon e-mails, and proliferation of e-books, people still love an indy bookshop. Today, while catching up on last night’s The Colbert Report, I came across an interesting story about a writer, her hometown, and a would-be bookshop.

Ann Patchett — who wrote the award-winning novel Bel Canto, which I’ve been meaning to read for quite some time — along with business partner and publishing pro Karen Hayes opened their own bookstore, Parnassus, in Nashville following the closing of the last independent shop and a Borders last year. During her interview (which you can watch here), Colbert remarked that the plight of the small bookstore versus corporate giant has already played out in the film, You’ve Got Mail, to which Patchett replied that the cycle has come full circle: Local book sellers were eaten up by megastores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, which in turn were consumed  (or at least cut down to size) by behemoth Amazon. Now people are looking for that tactile experience and personal touch again.

Here’s hoping the indies continue to make their comeback.

Also, learn more about Patchett and Parnassus in this recent NYT article.

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