Better than fresh OJ

A few weeks ago while walking up the escalators at the Gallery Place-Chinatown metro stop, I noticed a series of Tropicana orange juice ads. Rather than showing hokey of children drinking big glasses of orange goodness amid a Floridian grove, these posters displayed a simple, individual-sized bottle with bold text next to it like:

  • It took an act of Congress to get you out of bed this morning
  • The only parking space you could find was on the Beltway
  • There’s never a motorcade when you’re running early

All these clever, District-centric snippets are followed by “grab a mini bottle,” and “The good part of DC morning.”

A Tumblr blogger also found these OJ ads noteworthy

And you know what? Although I didn’t rush to a nearby CVS to buy a Tropicana orange juice as one of my coworkers claimed she did, the ads really did brighten my DC morning.  Each day that I make a point to re-read them, I can’t help but smile — quite an accomplishment considering how overrun we are by  TV, Internet, and print ads pushing their thinly veiled agenda.

So thank you, Tropicana copywriters. As a fellow marketing writer, I applaud your witty words.


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