A sunny albeit brisk Saturday in Maryland

Hello, blogosphere! Obviously posting each weekday is proving more challenging than I had anticipated. This week was one that seemed long but still went by fast — if that makes absolutely any sense. Thursday I went out for a coworker’s birthday to this interesting place in Adam’s Morgan called Muzette where you can rent your own private karaoke room. Needless to say that Lady Gaga, Disney, and Broadway tunes (along with mixed drinks) generated plenty of musical mayhem.

This morning I broke with my lazy Saturday morning tradition and drove to downtown Annapolis for a nutritional workshop at The Tea & Spice Exchange. I’m relatively certain I was the only person under 50 who attended, but it was interesting. I’d like to incorporate some components like the Breakfast Challenge (similar to this one but without the added sugar and tofu ingredients) into my diet. Apparently more protein might help keep me from being so cold.

Currently hiding in Hard Bean Coffee, which doubles as a bookstore and lunchspot. It’s sunny out, but those lower 40s temps have me seeking cover. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to clean up my e-mail, catch up on my favorite blogs, goop newsletters, and magazines. Ah, weekend bliss.

Downtown Annapolis back in the summer of '08

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