Easy as pie

The weekend was a gorgeous — albeit somewhat disconcerting — 70-something and balmy. I went for a run, wore my green, did some writing, and enjoyed drinking Malbec while watching foreign flick, A Separation at E Street Cinema. While the acting was terrific and the film offered a unique glimpse into the Iranian legal system — my friend who is lawyer loved that — it wasn’t the sweeping epic I had hoped for.

I was filling under the weather for the Pi(e) Day bake-off at work, but rather than waste the ingredients, I whipped up this Sky-High Banana Cream Pie (because you’re having an affair with a married guy*). I used this recipe, but with cornstarch instead of flour and the modifications the first reviewer posted — no baking and vanilla-wafer crust. From the edges that I nibbled, I think it turned out yummy.

Probably the most fun part was whipping the cream into whipped cream. It’s a mesmerizing experience: You don’t think something that liquid can fluff up, but after minutes of staring into a white abyss, twirls and peaks start to form and you realize that somehow that cream thickened. Magic in baking.

Mixing up crumbled vanilla wafers and butter for the crust

Lining the crust with banana slices

Filled with the pudding

Cream really does become whipped cream (!)

Fluffed up and ready for forks

*If you’re not getting the reference, it’s time to watch Kerri Russel in Waitress. Make sure you have a pie handy.

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