Too many things I love in one bund(t)le

Happy Friday!

To celebrate the birthday of a coworker (who also happens to be a foodie/baking lover), I made this Chocolate-Cinnamon Bundt Cake. Unlike some Bon Appetit recipes, this one was straightforward and didn’t call for any oddball ingredients I wouldn’t normally have. Not only does it combine three of my favorite things — coffee, chocolate, and cinnamon — but it was the perfect excuse to try out my new blossom-shaped pan from Williams-Sonoma.

Since we’re waiting to surprise her with the cake and goodies after lunch, I haven’t sampled anything besides a few spoon licks of leftover batter (probably a smart move considering I’m super-sensitive to caffeine). The smell was divine in my kitchen, and since the recipe called for instant espresso/coffee, it immediately reminded me of Argentina where instant coffee was my in-house fix.

Tonight I fly home to North Carolina for a short visit and a friend’s bridal shower. My return flight is 6 a.m. Monday, so chances are I will be AWOL until Tuesday.

Happy Easter and Passover all, and remember: It’s a bundT.

My handy handmixer managed to break up pebble-like brown sugar

Blossoming pan could totally work as a poinsettia during the holidays

Upside down, it looks like a giant, impaled cupcake

Mixing up the mocha icing, or should I say butter with a hint of mocha

The final product, voila!

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