Building a spring wardrobe

It’s been a few years since I engaged in some  throw-down shopping. Between moving around and relying on temporary contracting work, I haven’t been able to justify I big spree… until now.

After “studying” my March InStyle, I made a list of the trends that interested me as well as specific items that I just had to have. At the top of my list were mint-green cutoff pants (check), relaxed prints (check), and mixed pastels (check) — the perfect antidote for months of black, gray, and brown.

Most of these pieces are perfect for mix and matching — the vintage Carcharel blazer can dress up the khaki shorts or mint capris while making the mini bubble dress more appropriate for daytime. The collar button-up can stand alone or layer with one of the light T’s or a tanktop. All in all, I think I did pretty well.

Light-pink Cacharel blazer and modern printed skirt

Fitted button-up shirt and khaki cuffed shorts

Bubble dress with fitted corset and bold print

Two pastel tops and that pair of mint-green cutoff pants


2 thoughts on “Building a spring wardrobe

  1. Love Love Love the blazer, skirt and dress! You have such great style darling. I can’t wait to see you post your outfits!

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