I’ve got sticky fingers

Monday night I went to a vegan baking class at LivingSocial’s new 918 F Street  multipurpose space. It was the first time I had been since they were “beta testing” with employees in February and the first time I had purchased an event deal. The two-and-a-half-hour class was led by local celeb/vegan baker/owner of Sticky Fingers, Doron Petersan.

Within one of the swanky kitchens of 918F

While I had not seen Doron during her three turns on Cupcake Wars (she won twice), I know that it must take some pretty amazing sweets to beat the other contestants who could use eggs and dairy. Still, as a novice, if not avid baker, I expected the recipes to be good, not great.

It was a deliciously wrong assumption.

Pudding-like brownie batter

Even more surprising was how few weird (re: not usually in my pantry) ingredients were used. The first recipe for S’mores Brownies called vegan margarin and marshmallows, but the other items like cocoa, vanilla, chocolate chips, and brewed coffee were common. Paired with a double-chocolate stout beer, these ooey-gooey treats reminded me of a luscious pudding turned brownie.

Doron lights the vegan marshmallows with a pastry torch

The second recipe was Doron’s Cupcake Wars conquerer: Rolling Stones Brown Sugar Cupcake with Spiced Rum Frosting. While this recipe required a few more vegan specialty items (margarin, shortening, and egg replacer), the list of ingredients was by no means obscure. As a chocolate lover (nay, worshipper), I didn’t expect to love the cupcakes as much as I did, but the light, rum-spiked icing atop the spicy, fluffy cake was mouthwatering and melt-in-your-mouth all at once.  Accompanying Dark and Stormy made it all the more delicious.

Like a Rolling Stone — yummy brown sugar cupcakes

I almost bought Doron’s book right on the spot but decided to hold off. Having 100 recipes like the two I made Monday just sitting in my kitchen might be too tempting.

Piping out the rum-infused icing

But then again, maybe not.

Happiness is a cupcake

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