Sweet patriotism

In celebration of having power and A/C this July 4 (much of the DC area is still without) and because a holiday in the middle of the week leaves little time for travel, I decided to bake something. “American as apple pie” might be the old adage, but I was feeling more like a shortcake — besides a pecan pie and apple pie were already waiting at the family’s cookout.

This was my first Joy the Baker recipe, although I’ve been drooling over her site for far longer. Her beautiful pictures had led me to incorrectly assume that all the recipes were extremely advanced and complicated. This one was pleasantly simple, and I appreciated her giving detailed instructions for each step. I followed the recipe to a tee, except for subbing in granulated sugar for the powdered sugar when making the whipped cream. I also used a little less sugar for sprinkling the shortcake tops and the fruit.

The results (served open-faced) were light and fluffy. I think Uncle Sam would approve.

Shortbread — like a cross between a scone and biscuit

A recipe for six becomes twelve when served open-faced

A finishing cap of fresh whipped cream

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