Buttermilk Plum Cake before bidding adieu to dairy

After a couple of busy months spent traveling, hosting friends, and indulging a bit too much, I’m putting myself on a month-long dairy fast. But first, let’s talk plum cake.

Few desserts conjure equal parts comfort and intrigue. Unlike a torte, macaroon, or flan, the name immediately puts you at ease (even if like me, you initially have no idea what it is). I came across this recipe last summer when bloggess extrordinaire Heidi Swason (of 101 Cookbooks)was promoting her new book. Even before reading the list of ingredients, I became enamored with the word, scribbling it down in absentminded reverie. I am pleased to report that end result is as cozy and as unique as its namesake.

The cake boiled over a bit, so I would recommend putting a pan underneath the pie/tart pan to avoid nuked spillage (and setting your fire alarm off). I subbed dark brown sugar for the raw cane sugar and neglected to add the sprinkling of sugar on top, but thankfully the sweetness and flavor turned out just right. Plumy.

* Note: For dishes that call for less buttermilk (think 1/4 to 1/2 cup), I’ve done a little trick wherein you add some vinegar to regular milk to produce a similar acidity. The taste might be slightly different, but this sort of substitution should lend itself well to this recipe, too.

Tastes like summer

The plums in the pie go round and round

Gooey goodness


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