Reboot and reality check


The Express can be downright prescient when it’s not completely ridiculous

Greetings, readers (or empty cyberspace)!

It’s a shame that I haven’t written a single post since August, but then again, you could probably care less given that I had turned this blog into a baking diary (just for the record you missed chocolate-pecan cookies, bran muffins and pumpkin truffles).

Now, it’s time to get really real. I got laid off at the end of November and have an overwhelming urge to clear my blogger conscience and start fresh. Hem hem:

  • I am not an expert cook/baker — heaven knows I’ve ruined my share of spatulas; stained countertops by setting sizzling pans on them; and once made cookies filled with 100% super-duper bitter chocolate rather than the palatable 70%.
  • I am no fashionista. I have worn the same bright red peacoat for 10 years! I also have socks with turkeys and/or kitties on them.
  • I have a degree in journalism and a minor in creative writing, but the last time I finished a short story, I was still in college. Also, my recent list of freelancing gigs is nothing to write home about.
  • I was a model straight-A student. I seem to be a rather sucky adult.

Not trying to host a virtual pity party (I’ve had enough wine in the last 12 days to handle that), but I just want you to know who you’re dealing with here.

So, if you’re interested in sticking with a turkey-sock-wearing, kitchen-destroying 20-something who’s wondering whether this decade is supposed to be so crazy, read on. Otherwise, later gators!

I’m off to watch The New Girl and commiserate through made-up people’s lives.


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