What would Bridget Jones do?

A little known fact: When you’re single without any real anchors holding you down to a place, getting laid off right before the holidays can be not so bad. You put out some feelers, get your resumes sent to the right people before heading home for a holly jolly Christmas, all the while resting assured that just as the Santa makes it down all the chimneys, your dream job will appear in your stocking come New Year’s.

Come January, reality sets in, and let me tell you ain’t always pretty. Combing through listings online, trying to decide my next move and questioning a myriad of past choices can be exhausting and bleak. When I find myself making melancholic playlists full of Coldplay ballads or thinking of how the sun never actually comes out during DC winters, the best thing to ask is WWJD: What Would (Bridget) Jones Do.


She gets dumped by her boss/paramour for a prettier, skinnier and more successful woman; she arrives at a garden party dressed as a Playboy bunny; she even gets thrown into Thai prison after unwittingly being used as a drug mule. Through it all she keeps going with a smile on her face and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer.

Of course she’s a fictional character, but it helps me keep things in perspective. After all, even the glummest outlook can brighten with a bit of humor. Take it from Bridget:

“I truly believe that happiness is possible… even when you’re 33 and have a bottom the size of two bowling balls.”

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