Tart Tuesday should be a thing

Imagine combining a fleur de sel caramel truffle with a Twix bar in the shape of a mini pie. You would have Northside Social‘s Salted Chocolate-Caramel Tart.

The crust has that soft crunchiness you find in the cookie base of a candy bar. It’s filled with a caramel-chocolate mixture that’s neither solid nor liquid, just ooey-gooey richness. As a sweet ‘n’ salty lover, I wish it had had a bit more sea salt to counterbalance the lavish chocolate, but still the result was luscious and indulgent in the best possible way. Perhaps it’s high time I break out the mini tart baking set and start experimenting.


Delicious yet rich tart for $4

Northside is one of my favorite cafes to hide in. Serving coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as beer and wine, it’s one of those  hybrid locales you enjoy visiting as much for a sociable weekend brunch as for a weeknight writing session (with a glass of Malbec, of course). Plus, when the weather is nice, you can snag a coveted outdoor seat under the shade of umbrellas.

Now that I am car-less and living in the city, I don’t make it out to Clarendon as often as I would like, but after my trip last night, I’m motivated to try harder. Although weeknight happy hour ends at your typical DC bar time of 7 p.m., Northside serves up an incentive to stay late: free (tip, please) leftover baked goods. I took home a savory muffin of Pecorino cheese, sun-tomatoes and roasted arugula. Now I just have to see if I can wait until dinnertime to scarf it down.


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