Jumping off the veggie wagon

At the end of July 2011, I decided to become a vegetarian pescetarian. Ever since I’d returned from Argentina where a diet of beef, beef and more beef was the norm, I rarely craved red meat and had begun eschewing poultry, too. Quitting meat just felt right, but I still wanted my sushi and scallops.

Flash-forward a year and a half later when I find myself hungry too often and sick of anything related to soy. Then, a few weeks ago, a head cold had me down for the count, and all the homeopathic sites plus some more reliable sources (thank you, MayoClinic and NIH) suggested chicken noodle soup.

Chicken-rice soup is just what the doctor ordered

Chicken-rice soup is just what the doctor ordered

I caved and enjoyed a hot bowl of chicken-rice soup from Chix in the U Street corridor. Four years ago when I was interning in DC, Chix became one of my favorite go-to places for its cheap, tasty fare. Now the menu goes beyond the standard chicken halves and quarters to include wraps and chop bowls.

Since this tasty transgression, I’ve had turkey, pork and, yes, beef. I’m trying to keep my consumption of animal product in check (once a day at most), since in case you haven’t heard for the umpteenth time, vegetarians are healthier.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for true-blue vegetarians, but for me, it’s nice to feel full again without having to consume ridiculous amounts of beans or soy. Going out to eat is a whole different world now — not to say I’ll stop ordering those housemade veggie burgers. They’re just too good to pass up.

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