Fave Five: Oscars Edition 2013


Dapper trio as part of the opening number

5. Captain James T. Kirk (aka the Priceline guy for the uninitiated) making a cameo to prevent the destruction of the Oscars. If fan boys and girls haven’t started flipping out by then, queue JGL/Robin and Harry Potter for a musical number.

4.  Christopher Plummer pulling a Von Trapp escape before presenting Best Supporting Actress category. “They’re gone!”

3. Adele beautifully performing “Skyfall” and later getting choked up as she accepts the award for best original song.

2. Seth MacFarlane as host. Of course he made some off-color comments (who didn’t expect it?). But following Billy Crystal’s lackluster show last year and Anne Hathaway/James Franco’s out-of-sync routine the year before, MacFarlane was charismatic yet incorrigible: just what I want in an Academy Awards host.

1.a. Jennifer Lawrence tripping over her Dior gown and recovering with more grace and humor than any of her on-screen personas. Gotta love a confident girl with serious acting chops.

1.b. DC shout-out! In addition to the recurring ad featuring Ben’s Chili Bowl, FLOTUS Michelle Obama herself presented the award for best feature film. I’m sure Sasha and Malia were bummed that it was well past their bedtime.

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