Earning my Girl Scout cookie badge

Between the layoff, moving back home (Hi Mom!) and job-hunting ad ridiculum, it has been a bumpy ride. I’ve avoided writing about that pesky stuff here because it’s no fun rehashing the negative, and I would like for my blog to be a positive place, not a pity party. 

When life throws lemons at you, throw some back and use the rest to make a lemon cake. To clear out downtrodden thoughts and get a fresh perspective, I love a good baking challenge — and boy did I get one this time.

It's not the Girl Scouts...

These cookies didn’t come from the troops

Named Left-Behinds as a riff on the iconic Girl Scouts Tagalongs (see also Fijis and Slim Mints), these little cookies were probably the most involved project I’ve ever undertaken. I spaced it over three days to keep the steps from becoming overwhelming, and all in all, it took about six hours. Tempering chocolate — something I had never done before — wasn’t as difficult or time-consuming as I thought it would be. An entirely different matter was dunking five dozen cookies, tapping out excess and keeping the chocolate warm all the while. That took an hour alone.

The result in a blind taste test? Tagalongs had more peanut butter and were sweeter with a crispy cookie base like a Kit Kat. My base was more like a sugar cookie. Rather than following CHOW’s recipe of mixing all-natural PB with confection sugar, I just grabbed a jar of Jiff.

Definitely a delicious treat, but it will be a while before I’m ready for chocolate tempering again.

Which is which?

Which is which?

Pairs perfectly with a glass of (almond) milk

Pairs perfectly with a glass of (almond) milk

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