Friday flyby of links

It’s the best day of the week, and it’s also time for some link lovin’. I was excited to include the Independent Weekly‘s special 2013-2014 Eats guide to the Triangle, but it appears to only reside in the real, non-virtual world. If you’re a Triangle resident/transient/hungry passerby, try to snag a copy.

I’m off to DC tomorrow to celebrate my cousin’s college graduation (woo!) It’s the first time I will have visited since the exodus in March. At the very least, it should have warmed up.

Find a hardcopy of this dining guide, which includes new restaurants and fun articles like "Dining for Introverts"

Find a hardcopy of this guide, which includes the newest eateries, hilarious food pyramids for the different Triangle cities, and the lighthearted “Dining for Introverts”

  • Take me away from my computer [Condé Nast Traveler]: While this Grand Tour of Asia is not gastronomic per se, the details of sipping coconuts on the beaches of Sri Lanka to perusing the food stalls in Singapore whet the appetite for adventure.
  • Half say “Ew” and half say “Ooo” [That Winsome Girl]: I stumbled upon this recipe for coffee Jell-o after my wisdom teeth extraction. It sounds like a java version of panna cotta, leading me to feel more intrigued than squeamish.
  • Grill, baby, grill [Apartment Therapy]: The Internet is abuzz with grilling recipes, tricks, and tips, but what if you don’t have space for wardrobe-sized machinery? The Weber Smokey Joe Grill would be my top choice, but sadly the apple green hue is no more.
  • Colonel Sanders’s contraband [NY Times]: If you were on a desert island/in the Gaza strip, what would you pay to have smuggled through tunnels for you? Ice cream sundaes? Fresh sushi? KFC?

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