I have a confession.

This is not my first blog. That would be “Whiff Whaf Wear,” in which I reviewed perfumes. It was fun at first, but (as expected) left me with a headache. Don’t try finding it — I did at least have the good sense to delete.

I’m a journalism graduate and proud Tar Heel who was quickly turning into an old intern when a DC-based daily deal company hired me in 2011. It was a fun, crazy, busy and one-of-a-kind time until (dun dun dun) I found myself laid off along with several other hundred folks. Not sure what the next step is, but it’s an exciting and terrifying prospect.

Before moving to our nation’s capital, I was bopping around as far north as NYC and as far south as Buenos Aires (which you can read about on my only other non-deleted blog). Once you have the travel bug, it’s hard to shake, so the prospect of pond-hopping and general globe-trotting has crept back to the front of my mind.

Thanks for stopping by! And in a shameless act of self promotion: Check out my LinkedIn profile if you want to offer me a job. My superpower is an amazing sense of smell (why else would one start a perfume blog?) and my kryptonite is standardized tests… or eggplant.


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