How to hide in a cafe

What’s with the name of your blog? you (or more likely, my mother) ask.


Well, it’s an incredible easy question that I will explain in the most roundabout way. I like quiet time to read books and magazines, write or just chill; the only thing is that this quiet time has to bustle a bit. I go stir-crazy staying at home all day or stuck in libraries. This pickiness restricts me to coffeeshops, bookstores-cum-coffeeshops and outdoor parks free of aggressive pigeons and overly chatty bench people (you know who I’m talking about).

My desire — nay, right! — to scout out reading refuges with the right mix of noise and silence has led me to become a walking Frommer’s guide when it comes to cafes. Throw me in a city or town for 24 hours, and there’s a pretty good chance I’ll uncover a few gems. I never paid much attention to this obsessive behavior until a friend pointed it out.

Since the blog itself only rarely deals with coffeehouses, tea rooms and cafes, I’m going to work on building an archive on this page. Please bear with me as there are a bunch of old photos and memories to comb through in compiling this masterpiece.

TK TK TK (that’s journalism speak for, hold your horses)


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