Friday flyby of links

It’s been a rough week for many in light of the tragedies in Boston and Waco, Texas. Besides bringing people closer, these events also make us stop and appreciate all the good thing in our life. This week, I got to see a good friend who was visiting from Austin, explore new restaurants in Durham (more to come on those) and start running again after sustaining a minor injury two weeks ago. I hope that the clouds will soon part for those who have not been as fortunate as I have.

Time for an HBO documentary [Policy Mic]

The  next HBO documentary [Policy Mic]

Without further ado, some reading to brighten (or lighten) your day:

  • The Cupcake Crash of 2013 [Grub Street]: Here’s a tongue-in-cheek rundown of why the iconic sweet’s reign of sugar is coming to an end. Hint: Mitt Romney and Two Broke Girls may be implicated.
  • Great Balls of Goodness [My Whole Food Life]: I may have finally found a recipe to replicate Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food. Oh, happy day!
  • Earth, pans and fire [NY Times]: Michael Pollan’s latest book Cooked will hit shelves Tuesday, and his new mandate — Eat whatever you want as long as you cook it — is already stirring the pot.
  • Beantown establishments give back [Eater]: In case you’re in the Boston area, here’s a list of restaurants that are pooling their resources to help the local community and visitors, as well.

Best of Boston

It’s a sad day when an iconic race that brings people together from across the country and even the world warps into something so scary and so sad.

Many people have pointed out that the single malicious act was overpowered by the goodwill and bravery of countless people in Boston and beyond.  In the end, the good will always outnumber the bad.

Along that same vein, I wanted to post a quick visual feast of the best of Boston. I went once (literally 20 years ago) as a kid but remember it as a vibrant, walkable city filled with a perfect mix of historic and new; city and town; down-to-earth and extraordinary. Let’s send them all some lovin, even if we’re far away.

Start the day with a hearty Irish breakfast via Flickr

Start the day with a hearty Irish breakfast [Flickr]

A lunch of Boston chowda via TasteBook

Warm up to a cup of  ‘chowda’ [TasteBook]

Stop for a drink where everybody knows your name

Drink where everybody knows your name

Finish with lighter-than-air Boston Cream Pie

Finish with lighter-than-air Boston Cream Pie [America’s Test Kitchen]